Facebook can and will “Un-publish” Business Pages


Facebook can and will “Un-publish” Business Pages…is your Page at risk?

Your Page May Be Unpublished Soon

‘yourname page’may be unpublished soon because it hasn’t been updated in a while, and it won’t be visible on Facebook or in search. To keep your Page visible, you can visit it or publish a post.



Heads Up! Facebook sends out the above notification to business page owners who have inactive pages. As far as I can tell, the time period is about 6 months inactivity?

Now some business owners simply may feel this is no big deal….but they should consider…

>> people – customers – who took the time to “like” the page may think you are “out of business”?
>> current links to the FB page will now show the dreaded “bandaged thumb” Page not Found!


Having a presence on Facebook is a real necessity for most businesses today. While you may not personally like Facebook you can’t ignore the overwhelming statistics. Yes some types of businesses really don’t need “extreme” social media at the very least you should have a Facebook page that is updated on a regular basis. It not only helps your Google ranking – “SMO” but at the very least it offers “social proof”  – a way to collect and show reviews – and show that you are a viable and active business – that cares about their public presence!

“Use it or Lose IT”

.And no wonder – Internet “Debris”…inactive and abandoned pages and sites are a real problem.  Just think of the free but unused Blogger Blogs clogging the internet! In many ways it is good that FB is taking this step.It seems they are now hiding the pages but they have the option to delete them?

The sad part is that many business owners won’t even see the message Facebook is sending out because they don’t check their Facebook messages!

Unsure of what to do about SM? Overwhelmed?

Remember not all businesses need every Social Media platform- but really today ALL businesses need some active Social Media!
Yes it can be confusing, and some small biz owners have been pushed to set up too many profiles, some that don’t even make sense for their niche.

FaceBook 2017 – Updates and tips you may have missed!


Facebook Business Pages 2017 updates and observations

Now is the perfect time for a “ Facebook Facelift” or to start a new Business Page.

Facebook is constantly changing – here are some changes that you may have overlooked.

Info right from Facebook>>> What are the dimensions of my Page’s profile picture and cover photo?

Tip – check your page on smartphones – you may wish to center your “message”!

New August-September 2017 – FB is rolling out a new “round” design for the “profile” graphic.  You will see an “alert” about this.

Tip – You may need a new profile picture as the circle may “cut off” your current graphic in a “funky” way!

New July 2017 –  FB changed their API on July 17, 2017…they no longer allow you to change the picture when posting  an external link. Supposedly to combat “fake news”

TipMake sure your graphics on website/blog posts are “featured” image and shareable!

New June 2017 – Mark Zuckerburg announced a “new” mission and direction for Facebook – to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”  FB then rolled out new tools and enhancements for groups.

2017 saw changes in the FB Algorithms- giving more weight to videos and user engagement. However FB stated they will penalize pages that beg or connive to get likes and shares

More emphasis on videos and FB Live!

Facebook made some BIG changes to the layout of Facebook Business Pages on July 20th, 2016.!

COVER PHOTO is no longer covered in the left corner by the square “Profile Photo” More “Online Real Estate” means you have an extraordinary chance to utilize the Facebook Cover Page for promotion!

MAIN PROFILE PHOTO AND TABS are now situated on the left half of the screen

CALL TO ACTION BUTTON is larger So make it count! It is now a colored bar and more prominent, so you will want to use it wisely!

Use these NEW changes to your advantage – now is the time for a Facebook “Facelift” – contact me for a Free Social Media Evaluation!

I offer complete Social Media Setups and Makeovers. Having all your sites with same/similar graphics, color and theme is a great affordable way to “Brand” your Business!

I can redo your Business Page to the current layout and utilize the great new features that just arrived! Free “Audit”!

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